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ICT takes centre stage

ICT Takes Centre Stage

Daily Post | May 17, 2023

Vanuatu celebrated Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Day yesterday at The Melanesian Hotel Conference Room in Port Vila with panel discussions on the theme “Empowering the LDCs through ICTs — Access, Affordability, and Digital skills.”... READ MORE ➔

Stop misinformation

Vanuatu police crack down with arrests over ‘slander’ of MPs accused of breaking Covid lockdown

The Guardian | May 11, 2022

A police crackdown in Vanuatu that has seen people arrested for allegedly posting comments on social media speculating politicians were responsible for the country’s current Covid outbreak has raised serious concerns about freedom of speech in the Pacific country.3... READ MORE ➔

Stop misinformation

Stop misinformation on social media: Labour Commissioner

Daily Post | May 10, 2022

Commissioner of Labour (COL), Murielle Meltenoven, has urged the public at large to always make an effort to fact-check any information shared on social media platforms in relation to the Labour Mobility programs... READ MORE ➔


Chief says TikTok a distraction

Daily Post | January 10, 2022

President of Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Chief Willie Grey Plasua, is taking a stand against the popular social media platform ‘TikTok’ by stating that it’s a distraction for youths. READ MORE ➔

Pacific IGF

Pacific Internet Governance Forum, 2021

PacIGF | September 22, 2021

Hosted for the first time virtually from 6 - 9 September 2021, the Pacific Internet Governance Forum 2021 (PacIGF) brought together stakeholders to discuss and debate policies based on the theme ‘Working towards inclusive, safe and accessible services in the Pacific region.’ READ MORE ➔

First Vanuatu social media platform

Finance Minister endorses first social media platform

Daily Post | July 26, 2021

Hello Vanuatu, a high end tech company, has released a home grown product that targets supporting every Ni-Vanuatu. READ MORE ➔

3 Networks providers, signed agreement with TRBR

3 Networks providers signed the undertaking agreement with TRBR

Daily Post | July 5, 2021

Vodafone, Digicel and the newcomer Wantok network put pens before the Telecommunications Radio-communications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR)to provide a continuity of services to the country and its people. READ MORE ➔

Cybercrime Bill Passed

Cybercrime Bill Passed as 8 Bills Withdrawn

Daily Post | June 24, 2021

Parliament on Monday this week endorsed the Bill for the Cybercrime Act. The Bill was passed through the support of the full House as 49 members of parliament voted in favour. READ MORE ➔

Vanuatu Police Cybercrime unit officer giving awareness

Cyber Violence Addressed through Cricket with Vanuatu Police Force

Daily Post | June 6, 2021

The Vanuatu Cricket Association through its Social Impact and Inclusion Program (SIIP), 'Appeal Against Violence' and in partnership with the Vanuatu Police Cyber Crime Unit, addressed the widespread issue of cyber violence in Vanuatu at Ecole Publique de Centre Ville in the month of February 2021. READ MORE ➔

Cybercrime Bill Targets Online Fraud


Daily Post | May 14, 2021

The Bill for the Cybercrime Act No. of 2021 has been listed to be among the Bills that will be tabled in Parliament during the Ordinary Session that is expected to begin today. READ MORE ➔

Criminal Libel and slander

Concern Over Extend of Criminal Libel and Slander

Daily Post | April 28, 2021

Once assented to by the President of the Republic and published in the Official Gazette, any individual that makes a false statement against an individual and publishing a false statement that damages the reputation of another person on a public platform is liable to face criminal charges. READ MORE ➔

 Get Safe Online Ambassadors

Get Safe Online Ambassadors complete training

Daily Post | April 27, 2021

Three Get Safe Online Ambassadors have received their certificates from the British High Commissioner, Karen Bell. The three ambassadors are Moana Kalkoa, Anita Robert and Netty Henry. READ MORE ➔

 Mobile coverage still a challenge for Vanuatu

Mobile coverage still a challenge for Vanuatu

VBTC | April 08, 2021

A survey done in 2020 has shown that many islands in Vanuatu still have no access to vital telecommunications services. READ MORE ➔

 New brand position for Vodafone

New brand position for Vodafone

Daily Post | April 07, 2021

Vodafone has successfully launched its new brand positioning, a new approach to telecommunication for a better future. In April of 2020, Vodafone — then Telecom Vanuatu Limited — announced its exchange of brands to Vodafone Vanuatu. READ MORE ➔

National Cyber Security Strategy 2030

National Cyber Security Strategy 2030 launched

Daily Post | March 19, 2021

The National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) has been recently launched to strengthen national security and address cyber-threats in Vanuatu. READ MORE ➔

 Vanuatu artists voices to fight cybercrime

Vanuatu artists lend their voices to fight cybercrime

Daily Post | March 18, 2021

The Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) is now capitalizing on the popularity of Vanuatu music star Vanessa Quai in the region and globally, as a positive way to raise awareness through her platforms through a new cybersecurity song. READ MORE ➔

Digicel leading communication revolution, Vanuatu

Digicel leading the communication revolution in Vanuatu

Daily Post | March 16, 2021

Digicel has been in Vanuatu since 2008 and throughout the years its network has grown quite significantly. READ MORE ➔

Cyber hackers attack 20 gov websites

Cyber hackers attack 20 Government websites

VBTC | March 04, 2021

The Vanuatu Computer Emergency Response Team is investigating a cyber-attack by hackers this week on important Government websites. READ MORE ➔

VBTC, TRBR, Digicel Representative

VBTC now live in Digicel apps!

VBTC | March 03, 2021

Audiences across Vanuatu can now live stream the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBRC) on Digicel apps. READ MORE ➔

Campaign to tackle online fraud

Vanuatu part of new campaign to tackle online fraud and keep remittances flowing

Daily Post | February 16, 2021

A new campaign to help Pacific Islanders send and receive remittances safely and reduce the risk of online fraud was launched yesterday (15 February). READ MORE ➔

Is being rude online a cybercrime?

Is Being Rude Online a Cybercrime?

Daily Post | January 13, 2021

Despite Vanuatu not entirely being a hotspot for malicious cyber activity, Deputy Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau believes “prevention is better than cure” while commenting on the potential Cyber Division with Vanuatu Police Force. READ MORE ➔

Shally Jannif, Digicel Regional CEO Pacific Group

Digicel promises customers simply more in 2021

Daily Post | January 05, 2021

As it closes the book on an eventful 2020, Digicel is promising customers simply more in 2021. READ MORE ➔

Minister of Finance, Johnny Koanapo delivering his remarks

Vodafone Launches M-Vatu International Money Transfer

Daily Post | December 26, 2020

Vodafone has taken a step further by launching an International Money Transfer (IMT) initiative that enables a user to electronically transfer funds to a friend, relative or to a company overseas. READ MORE ➔

 Interchange Managing Director presenting dividends to public shareholder

Interchange gives Vt35 million to shareholders

Daily Post | December 09, 2020

Interchange Limited yesterday distributed Vt35 million in dividends to public shareholders; Vanuatu Government, Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) and Vanuatu Post. READ MORE ➔

Emergency radio network tests on Sola

Emergency radio network tests on Sola

Daily Post | November 25, 2020

As part of the ongoing upgrade works on Vanuatu’s emergency radio network, a series of tests were conducted and observed by a delegation on Sola, TORBA Province last Friday. READ MORE ➔

 Stanap Strong Akensem Vaelens

Call 161 For Help

Daily Post | November 25, 2020

The national launch of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign will be held in Port Vila today, Wednesday November 25 2020. READ MORE ➔

 VQA meeting

Two More Bachelors and another Certificate IV in ICT Courses Get National Accreditation

Daily Post | November 19, 2020

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) and the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) have been accredited by the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA). READ MORE ➔

 Japanese Ambassador CH, speech

ICT equipment to strengthen Parliament resilience

Daily Post | November 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges everywhere and Parliaments are no exception. Now more than ever it is a must for parliament to be more resilient as Vanuatu records its first positive.. READ MORE ➔

 PM giving speech

Negativity and ignorance can ruin lives: PM

Daily Post | November 17, 2020

Negativity and ignorance can ruin lives, the Prime Minister (PM) Bob Loughman said when expressing concern on public reactions to COVID-19 protocols and advices in a press conference yesterday afternoon. READ MORE ➔

 YCV Launches website

Youth Challenge Vanuatu Launches New Website

Daily Post | November 14, 2020

Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV) now has a new website. “As we celebrate our 20 years of existence, we are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website,” YCV stated. READ MORE ➔

 Daily post

Crowdfunding Digital Platform for Vanuatu launching next week

Daily Post | November 13, 2020

A digital crowdfunding platform for Vanuatu, Raise, will be officially launched on Friday next week. The event will take place at 5pm at the Yumiwork office in Lolam Building’s third floor. READ MORE ➔

 CNS EIT Graduates

South Santo students benefit from CNS Program

Daily Post | November 12, 2020

Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and Tropical Cyclone Harold, more than 40 Year 10 students have walked away from Tata Primary and Junior Secondary in south Santo with a certificate of attainment from Edwards Institute of Technology (EIT). READ MORE ➔

 Cyber security Lock

A New Standard for Pacific Cybercrime Legislation

Daily Post | November 04, 2020

In 2016, the government of Vanuatu was rushing to address what was seen by politicians and senior bureaucrats as a rising tide of increasingly intemperate talk, bullying and unwanted information on the internet. READ MORE ➔

Vanuatu Daily Post Logo


Daily Post | October 27, 2020

The Cybercrime Bill will be tabled in Parliament next month. The final consultation regarding the National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) that was with the private sector and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) was held at the Chiefs Nakamal in Port Vila last week. READ MORE ➔

Vanuatu Daily Post Logo

Digicel steps out as a Digital Operator

Daily Post | October 21, 2020

Digicel yesterday launched itself as a Digital Operator and marked the occasion by delivering simply more through a suite of eight apps and a promise of powerful digital experiences. READ MORE ➔

Vanuatu Daily Post Logo

MPs access Budget Bill on iPads

Daily Post | October 15, 2020

The Appropriation Bill for 2021 has been sent to all Members of Parliament (MPs) via their iPads. This was confirmed by Clerk of Parliament, Raymond Manuake. The MPs should now start preparing themselves for the Budget session of parliament that is expected to start in November. The MPs were also sent print copies of the Bill in both English and French languages. READ MORE ➔

Vanuatu Daily Post Logo

VNPF GM explains purchase of new vehicles

Daily Post | October 14, 2020

The General Manager (GM) of the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF), Parmod Achary, has clarified why VNPF had recently bought several new vehicles following a concern on social media. READ MORE ➔

Vanuatu Daily Post Logo

Tonner Wins Damages Claim Against YTS

Daily Post | October 13, 2020

The Supreme Court of Vanuatu has made a summary judgment against one of the owners of Yumi Toktok Stret Facebook page, Julian Ligo and a warrant of arrest remains for the second owner, Matthew Temar. READ MORE ➔ Logo

Vanuatu social media accounts targeted after Vanuatu PM's UN speech on West Papua

ABC | September 30, 2020

In the past 24 hours, hundreds of comments, many of them racist or overtly political, have been written on a variety of unrelated Vanuatu social media accounts by Indonesian users. READ MORE ➔

3 Link staffs

3 Link launched yesterday

Daily Post | September 29, 2020

3 Link Communications, a new broad band service provider opened its Port Vila office yesterday across the road from Island Time Takeaway. READ MORE ➔


Vodafone provides free access to online resources

Daily Post | September 29, 2020

In an effort to ensure children continue their education in this time of crisis, Vodafone as a main telecommunication company has committed itself to provide free access to e-learning content. READ MORE ➔

Daily Post Vanuatu

New Approach to Address Cyber Security Issues

Daily Post | August 28, 2020

Instead of working in isolation, government agencies dealing with cybercrime have decided to take a more holistic approach in tackling the problems of cyber security and cybercrime to protect citizens. READ MORE ➔

Daily Post Vanuatu


Daily Post | July 11, 2020

WanTok Network has entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire Telsat Broadband. Operating across Vanuatu, Telsat Broadband opened for business in 2009, building upon its expertise in wireless transmissions networks, with its Wireless ISP first providing connectivity via mesh network infrastructure and later moving to a new platform which allowed for the establishment of a carrier-grade IP backbone as well as a mobile device hot-spot/repeater network. READ MORE ➔

Daily Post Vanuatu

Gov’t responds to social media statement by MP

Daily Post | July 8, 2020

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) to the Prime Minister (PM) has refuted a statement made by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ambrym, John Salong, and referred to it as “defamatory and unfounded”. READ MORE ➔

New global online safety booklet for parents

New global online safety advice to help parents of preschoolers

Daily Post | July 3, 2020

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner has released a new global information booklet to help parents and carers of preschool-aged children around the world start the important conversation about online safety. READ MORE ➔


VNPF announces plan for a domestic cable company

Daily Post | July 1, 2020

The Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) Board has approved for VNPF to establish a domestic cable company with the potential of connecting Port Vila to outer islands, to improve the fund’s operations. READ MORE ➔

Kids using internet

Kids are Online More These Days, Here is How to Keep Them Safe

Daily Post | Jun 13, 2020

(StatePoint) Children are spending more time online due to social distancing measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. And while the internet can be an amazing gateway to knowledge and a tool to connect with family and friends, if parents and caregivers don’t follow certain precautions, it can also pose safety hazards. READ MORE ➔

VNPF Building

VNPF and Interchange Ltd to Restructure Loan Arrangement

Daily Post | Jun 13, 2020

The Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) is working towards restructuring its loan arrangement with Interchange Ltd (ICL), the company that owns the country’s only international submarine cable. READ MORE ➔

Lycee de Luganville, satellite dish

Internet Connectivity Services for Lycée de Luganville in the aftermath of TC Harold

Daily Post | Jun 01, 2020

In April 2020, Tropical Cyclone (TC) Harold struck and caused widespread destruction in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, and Tonga. On 5 April, it strengthened into a Category 5 severe tropical cyclone, the highest rating on the Australian scale. READ MORE ➔

NDMO Director

NDMO Director advises public not to spread rumours

Daily Post | May 30, 2020

Director of National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Abraham Nasak, has cautioned members of the public to refrain from speculation and spreading rumours on social media, but rely on official information from the Government. READ MORE ➔

ITU and Kacific join forces for ICT development

ITU and Kacific join forces to boost emergency telecoms and ICT development in Vanuatu

ITU News | May 19, 2020

ITU and Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) have joined forces to boost the capacity of Vanuatu to provide a reliable communications network when disasters strike – and to improve connectivity to boost socio-economic development. READ MORE ➔

 Stop fakenews

Jesse Dick NOT new PSC chairman: Ministry

Daily Post | May 13, 2020

The Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MOJCS) has refuted claims on Facebook alleging the Public Service Commission (PSC) has a new chairman. READ MORE ➔

 Microchip found in meat

Microchip Found in Meat

Daily Post | May 05, 2020

A pastor has claimed that they found a microchip in fresh beef stew they bought from a shop. Pastor Joseph Korman informed Daily Post that his son was cutting the stew into smaller pieces when they came across the chip. READ MORE ➔

 Digicel, 4G

Digicel Expansion on all Efate 4G Sites

Daily Post | Apr 25, 2020

Digicel customers are experiencing world class downloading, streaming and browsing with faster speeds than ever before, thanks to the completion of Digicel’s network upgrade and on-going transition to 4G+ connectivity in Efate. READ MORE ➔

VPF to collaborate on cybersecurity

CERT VU Steps Up to Address Cybersecurity Issues

Daily Post | Apr 16, 2020

CERT Vanuatu (CERT VU), acting on behalf of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) to collaborate on cybersecurity and cybercrime responses in the country at the VANSEC house. READ MORE ➔

Information to be verified by NDMO

COVID-19 Information to be Verified by NDMO Prior to Publication

Daily Post | Apr 3, 2020

The head of NDMO, Abraham Nasak, made the order of Censorship of information relating to COVID-19 and its prevention and containment measures under the State of Emergency Regulation to ensure that any information relating to COVID19 is verified by NDMO prior to it being published in the media. READ MORE ➔

15th Annual Meeting of IGF

Call for Travel Support to Attend the 15th Annual Meeting of the IGF

IGF | Apr 1, 2020

The mandate of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) calls for strengthening and enhancing of the stakeholder engagement from developing ‎countries. It also calls for the Forum to contribute to building capacity for Internet governance in ‎developing countries, drawing fully on local sources of knowledge and expertise‎. READ MORE ➔

Pacific ICT Day postpond

Pacific ICT Days 2020 Postponed Until Further Notice

Daily Post | Apr 1, 2020

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) of Pacific ICT Days 2020, decided recently to postpone the 2020 Pacific ICT Days until further notice, due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic that is affecting many countries around the world, including the Pacific region also. READ MORE ➔

Vodafone Launched

Vodafone Vanuatu Launched

Daily Post | Apr 1, 2020

World-renowned multinational telecommunication Brand Vodafone with the largest 4G+ network is now in Vanuatu. TVL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Barlen Lutchmoodoo has officially announced the exchange of brands from Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) to Vodafone Vanuatu, as effective from yesterday.. READ MORE ➔

Election counting stream live


Daily Post | Mar 30, 2020

The people of Vanuatu will for the first time in the country’s history witness the official counting of a national election via live streaming today. READ MORE ➔


Censorship to Limit Spread of Misinfornation on COVID-19

Daily Post | Mar 28, 2020

The Government has introduced an order to counter the spread of inaccurate and false information related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) during the coronavirus (COVID-19) two weeks State of Emergency (SOE). READ MORE ➔

Conference by PTI

Driving Trade Through Social Media

Daily Post | Mar 14, 2020

Digital adoption is fueling Pacific export growth with 79 per cent of exporters using online channels to generate revenue. READ MORE ➔


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